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Bring on Ethical Resolve’s consulting team to guide your company on its path to meeting its ethical commitments. We help you adopt and develop the best practices that are at the forefront of ethical technology development. Through our in-depth research and technical analysis, we give you the insight you need to build processes that help your company spot and respond to ethical risks before they cause harm to your users, your bottom-line, or your reputation.

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Implement Data Ethics & Responsible AI

Established Corporations

Establish responsible AI/ML development through values-aligned processes that fit seamlessly with existing workflows. Our team will work with you to design and implement practices that collect the data required to make values-informed decisions and anticipate the reporting required by upcoming regulation.

Investment Groups

Investment groups can have a substantial impact on the ethical and human rights outcomes of their portfolio companies. Using rights assessment and impact mapping techniques, our team offers support to investors as they prioritize an ethics-focused investment strategy. Values-aligned portfolio strategy will help to improve the long-term impact of your investments.


Understanding ethical impacts of products, business models and customer relationships provides a competitive advantage and outlines a path for responsible growth. Work with our team to strengthen this capacity through stakeholder consultation, extensive research, and leadership training.

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Recent Clients

At this stage in the development of the data ethics consulting industry many of our clients have asked for our discretion when discussing our work with them.

  • 2019

    Fortune 500
    Ride-sharing Platform

    Ethical resolve partnered to design a scalable and reliable review process for the machine learning product teams. This company-specific protocol is now followed during the development of new and potentially risky products. Another key result of our recommendation was the addition of new team members with ethics expertise. This process began with a full technical team review and articulation of their organization's values.

  • 2018

    Fortune 500
    Social Media Platform

    Ethical Resolve was contracted to build a training program to help their engineers and other technical team members spot and respond to ethical risks in machine learning projects. Our design process included extensive interviews with team members to ensure that the training program built on and solidified existing practices that were not yet well established across all development teams.

  • 2018

    Fortune 500
    Technology Consulting Company

    Ethical Resolve partnered with this company to provide a full review of their AI practices and generate a comprehensive report. The report included recommendations for how to implement various functions within the company to improve existing responsible AI practices. Primary focus areas: an advisory team, an issue response procedure, issue spotting workflows, trainings and the development of a knowledge base.

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Unpack Data Ethics & Responsible AI

Watch us nerd-out at conferences around the world. Ethical Resolve’s founders and consultants have been invited to share our ideas globally. If you missed out on any of these events, watch the replay to take advantage of our expertise.

We like to get in on the public discussion about data ethics and AI ethics both in academic and mainstream media channels. See our work in Harvard Business Review, Data & Society’s “Points” and top science journals.

If you’re looking for shorter format insights on data ethics and responsible AI processes, take a look at our blog posts. We offer our perspective on the current state of the art around governance practices and ethical strategy.

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