Let's build ethics capacity together.

Through our in-depth research and technical analysis, we give you the insight you need to build processes that help your company spot and respond to ethical risks before they cause harm to your users, your bottom-line, or your reputation.

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Our Process


Initial Chat

Get on the phone with a founding member of our team. You’d be surprised how much you can learn with a Data Ethics expert on the line. Together, you’ll discuss your primary concerns, timeline, aspirations, and available resources.


Project Definition

All ethical decisions and processes are context-specific, so our recommendations will be too. We’ll unleash our team of PhDs to identify decision points within your organization and design a proposal to meet your company’s unique goals.


Project Kickoff

Once a project is launched, you’ll have the full support of our team and our network of industry experts. We’re happy to work independently or in close collaboration with involved stakeholders to ensure project success.

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Customized Implementation

Working closely with organizational leaders, our team will help foreground your company’s values and understand the ethical impacts of your products and partners. You’ll come away with processes and activities that operationalize core values, mitigate risk, and maximize positive impact.

Established Companies


Fortune 500 companies looking to improve their ethical footprint and prepare themselves for upcoming regulation have different concerns than an early stage company. The challenge is to develop processes that fit seamlessly with existing workflows and build ethics capacity without sacrificing efficiency.

This can include building ethics review teams, creating scalable review processes, deploying ethics training for leaders and engineering teams and implementing governance systems to track relevant ethical metadata.


  • C-level Executives
  • Ethics Leaders
  • Legal Teams
  • Product Teams
  • Operations Team


  • Define project activities and scope outcomes and priorities
  • Identify industry norms and best practices research to help establish relevant benchmarks
  • Develop ethics capacity building activities
  • Conduct technical review of product specifications
  • Produce ethical and regulatory roadmap
  • Implement policy and governance recommendations
  • Create strategy for ongoing ethical process implementation

Investment Groups


Seeing the competitive advantage of ethical growth, investors are starting to develop strategies that keep ethics and human rights outcomes at the forefront. The first step is often to generate a clear picture of the ethical impact potential of each company in the portfolio. Using ethical analysis and impact mapping techniques, the Ethical Resolve team supports investors as they guide their portfolio companies to positive outcomes.


  • Principals
  • Executive Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Investment Directors
  • Board Members


  • Assess and Optimize Ethical and Human Rights Outcomes for your portfolio companies
  • Conduct due diligence for existing and potential portfolio companies to help identify key ethics capacity building activities
  • Provide consulting and training to improve the impacts of portfolio companies

Start Ups


By prioritizing ethical impact, a startup can simultaneously promote positive early-stage culture and build a lasting framework for assessing potential risks of business activities. Ethical Resolve works closely with founding teams to assess current workflows and strengthen ethical capacity in early-stage product, business model, customer and partner decisions. When ethics are foregrounded in so many layers of a business, the result is a generative and sustainable culture which attracts top-tier talent and the best investment partners.


  • Founders
  • C-level Executives & Officers
  • Investors
  • Board Members
  • Advisors


  • Craft your statement of values and guide your company as you implement them
  • Conduct an ethical use-case analysis, so you can better understand and ethical stakes of working with certain product types, clients and partners
  • Identify ethics capacity building activities through internal research
  • Build an ethics roadmap or strategic ethics plans so your capacity to manage the ethical stakes of your work grows with your company

    This type of plan allows you to invest in specific ethical activities that are keyed to relevant growth milestones

Tangible Ethics Benchmarks

+ Implement practices for ethical review
+ Articulate organizational values and principles
+ Create training to spot machine learning bias
+ Assess ethical risks relevant to your market
+ Prepare for regulation
+ Build ethics leadership on your team

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