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Digital Trust at the Core of Accenture’s 2016 Vision

The partners of Ethical Resolve recently joined Accenture in their San Jose office to learn about Accenture’s 2016 Tech Vision. We have been collaborating with their staff on a report on data ethics to be released later in 2016.

We were pleased to hear about Accenture’s commitment to focusing on ethical issues in order to help their clients build digital trust with customers.

In particular, we agree that it is vital for companies to focus on their stewardship of user data to ensure that this information is used responsibly and with the interests and rights of customers in mind. As we move further into 2016, it has become clear that one of the simplest approaches to data ethics is to implement effective processes for ethical decision making. What this means for companies is that any employee who makes decisions with ethical ramifications needs to have a clear and effective process for determining what is right thing to do.

Practices as simple as the use of checklists and templates for ethical decision making can greatly improve a company’s ability to properly manage ethical risks and build trust with their customers. With the proper implementation of customized processes for ethical decision making, companies can greatly improve their relationships with customers without undue difficulty.

We look forward to working more with Accenture to help offer processes that are easily adopted by clients to achieve the aim of greater digital trust between tech companies and their customers.

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